Please Stop Saying This: An Easter Message

I have a few pet peeves: bad drivers, dishonest salespeople, the Pittsburgh Steelers. All of these subjects produce differing amounts of irritation for me. By far, however, the biggest irritant is people who say they were “crucified.” Politicians, entertainers, and athletes always say “The media crucified me” or “The fans crucified me.” Let me make this as clear as I can to any of these folks who may happen by this: YOU WERE NOT CRUCIFIED!!!! A crucifixion was one of the most horrific tortures ever devised. The totality of The Crucifixion is far beyond our meager ability to fully comprehend or explain.

Lets start with the physical crucifixion. A prisoner was stripped and nailed to a wooden cross. When they say “nails” were driven through the hands, understand we are not talking about roofing nails. The closest thing we can think of today would be 19th Century or early 20th Century railroad spikes. A five to nine inch long, ¾ inch diameter spike driven through each wrist. Then another driven through both ankles. After this, the cross (about the size of a telephone pole) is set into the ground. The person being crucified is suspended on this apparatus all day. Death comes not from exposure or blood loss, but from suffocation. As the subject tires, they slump down, which compresses the diaphragm and cuts off the air supply. In order to breath, they must press themselves up by pushing on the spike driven through their feet. One can only imagine the pain they must have endured. The cycle continued all day, tire and slump down, push yourself up to get a breath. The Bible makes a point of saying that the Romans did not break Jesus’ legs (John 19:33). This is mentioned because if a day hanging on a cross did not finish the tortured prisoner, the Romans would break their legs. The shock to their already weakened system would finish them.

Now lets talk about The Crucifixion. Not only did Jesus go through the physical torture just mentioned, but also mental and spiritual torture. Jesus broke no laws, committed no transgressions, and yet was hung on a cross between two thieves. He suffered the same punishment they did, but was guilty of nothing more than exposing the hypocrisy of the political and spiritual leaders of His day, and demonstrating to the world the true nature of a loving God. Spiritually, for the first time in existence, Jesus was separated from The Father. There is no way we can really understand what that must have been like. Yet Jesus suffered this separation to take the punishment for our sins and rebellion. He suffered all of this out of love for each and every one of us.

So no, you self absorbed dilettantes, when someone questions your game or your acting, you are not being “crucified.” You are being criticized. Never, ever compare the two again.

For my sake if nothing else.

Have a nice day!